I want to captivate people with stories and games

My name is Mattias, and I see myself as a storyteller and a creator of ideas. I am the founder of Schmugan, which means fly, a name which has followed me since childhood.

It all began with a red notebook. In a bus through Central America, on a bumpy road with my knees raised on the backrest in front of me, writing down my ideas in the notebook. 

Suddenly, I had a moment of clarity; I would give wings to my stories and games. They would be made available on mobile phones. The ideas would not stay in my notebook forever but would become vibrant and interactive, something for others to enjoy; my ideas would be made into apps.

For me, this was a daring thought, which later would also prove to be a challenge. But at that time, with a pencil in one hand, and my mobile phone in the other, filled with inspiration, I decided to make my vision come true.

A wave of euphoria swept over me. Never before had I felt so certain of what I would do, or more importantly, what I wanted to do.
I thought, somewhere in the world people would enjoy what I create, and through apps, I would be able to reach them.

Without experience or knowledge of building apps, and unaware of what the future had in store, I began my new journey in life.

Schmugan is my platform where my stories and ideas come to life, and through Schmugan I want to captivate peoples’ minds, if only for a moment.

My first game for iOS is ready - SOOVA’S DREAM – exclusively on App store.
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Out now on iOS!