We make

Meaningfun Children Entertainment

Children entertainment can be both fun and meaningful, we call it meaningfun.

Our values & principles

Three girls having fun and laughing.


We believe that fun should be integrated into our daily lives, for both children and their parents. We want to create joy.

Girl rests her head on an adult hand.


We believe that a great product can be helpful, with the use of research and the right technology can assist the objective of a product. We want to be a helping hand.

One girl holds a fresh tomato and looks confident. The other girl holds a rotten tomato and looks dissatisfaction.


We believe that children deserve high-quality products that are beautiful and captivating. We don’t ship junk.

Girls resemble the three wise monkeys. The left covers her mouth, the middle covers her eyes, and the right covers her ears.


We believe that privacy is a human right. Parents and their children should feel safe when using a product. We don’t sell user data.


Creative children play best. We have collaborated with talented people and companies to create a captivating bedtime story app.

Laughter is timeless,
imagination has no age,
dreams are for ever.
– Walt Disney

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About Schmugan

Schmugan is a one-person company, based in Stockholm, Sweden, wanting to help parents with kids 2-6 years to have a smooth bedtime routine with the Night Train app. Believing that apps for kids should be both fun and meaningful. Collaborating with creative people around the world to make meaningfun children entertainment.