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It's Story Time

The Night Train is an interactive bedtime story app, set in a magical world with a smooth blend of animation and storytelling.

Meet the tired characters called the Esmitos. 
They need to be tucked into bed so they can fall asleep, a perfect task for a child ages 2-6 years old.

With gorgeous hand-crafted illustrations in a night mode design and features to fit every child's path to slumber, as the children become part of the story as they help tuck the tired Esmitos into bed. 


Get tired

All animations are incredibly gentle and slow-paced, to mimic the movements of the body when tired and near to sleep.

Relax the eyes

Night mode design in warmer and darker tones to protect the eyes during the bedtime routine.

Enhance positive emotions

Hand-drawn illustrations combined with real pictures trigger your children's imagination.

Your voice

Reading the bedtime story yourself tenfold the cosiness and encourages your children's love for reading.

Lullaby music

Original lullaby music and sound effects are in a dreamlike manner, and your children don't need to fall asleep in silence.

Drift off to sleep

When the bedtime story is at the end, the sleep timer can help your child to drift off, enjoying the train running smoothly along the tracks.

Not yet ready for bed?

It is more than just a bedtime story. While your children await tuck-in time, they can play and interact with the Esmitos to fully enjoy this magical world.

Safe for kids!

No banners, no 3rd party ads, no in-app purchases, no wifi required. COPPA & GDPR compliant. Read our privacy policy here >

Available languages

English (UK)

The Night Train is fully narrated and localised. Additional languages are comming.

Bedtime Stories -
Night Train

Help the tired Esmitos go to sleep

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