Meet The Esmitos

These are the mythical creatures, called the Esmitos, living high up in the mountains with their friends. Explore their enchanting kingdom, where the sun never sets, meet fire-breathing dragons, rainbow-making unicorns and music-loving fairies. See if you can count all the gold inside the Treasure Hunters home. Practice magic spells with the Wizards.Find out each Esmito’s unique abilities, in the Night Train app, a lovely bedtime story for kids 2-6 years old.

The Cloud Farmer

High up in the clouds lives the cloud farmer. He grows clouds and in beautiful colours. He is the only one that can walk on clouds, and he has the biggest feet of all the Esmitos.

The Dragon Catcher

She is the bravest of all the Esmitos and is not afraid of anything, not even from fire breathing dragons. But the truth is, that the dragons like to be caught by her, so they have somewhere cosy to sleep.

The Fairy Dust Collector

The fairy dust collector is a dancer and a musician. She knows how to lure the fairies out for a play, and they all have fun dancing along.

The Snowmaker

The Snowmaker can create beautiful snow. He works and lives with his friends in his igloo, and they like to tease him like friends sometimes can do.

The Stone Crusher

The Stone Crusher is the biggest and strongest of all the Esmitos. He crushes stones all day long. He hopes to find precious gems inside and also he thinks it is fun crushing stones.

The Treasure Hunter

This Esmito loves gold, diamonds, and anything that shines. She has been everywhere in the world, collecting treasures. She is very good at finding treasures, so if you got any treasures of your own, you better hide it well, or she might steal it from you.

The Unicorn Caretaker

This Esmito is the most friendly of all the Esmitos. She is the unicorn caretaker, and she takes care of some unicorns. She brushes them, so they get beautiful fur. And she feeds them some tasty snacks. The unicorns really like this Esmito.

The Wizard Teacher

The Wizard Teacher is a great magician. Although he can do magic, his most important job is to be a teacher. Some students go to his school to learn magic to become great wizards themselves one day.

Who will you help first?

After a long day of work, we all need to sleep, and the Esmitos too. They are waiting to get tucked in on the night train, a perfect place to fall asleep. Inside the tunnel it is dark and cosy, playing sweet lullaby music and listening to the meditative train sound, dudum-dudum, all to help anyone to fall asleep.
Tuck in the Esmitos so they can fall asleep in this lovely bedtime story, a perfect task for any kids 2-6 years old.

Night Train

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